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WWJD Bracelet - gold and blue crystals
Perfect Fit and Quality Guaranteed

Christian Bracelets™ Personalized Religious Jewelry

Advent Bracelets
Advent Bracelets - HOPE PEACE JOY LOVE

Advent Bracelets x 2

Baptism Bracelets
I am calling this the Baptism Bracelet because one of my favorite customers had me design something special for her granddaughters Baptism. CB-Comm1

Baptism Bracelet x 2

Bible Verse Bracelets
John 3:16 Bracelet - Bible Verse CB-BVB

Bible Verse Bracelets x 11

Charm Bracelets
Religious Charm Bracelets CB-CB

Charm Bracelets x 3 designs

Confirmation Bracelets
Easter Bracelets
Easter Celebration Bracelets CB-Easter

Easter Bracelet

First Communion/Confession
Godmother Bracelets
Godmother Bracelets and God Mother Charms CB-GodM

Godmother Bracelets x 7 designs

Guardian Angel Bracelets
In Memory Bracelets
Any Message Bracelets
Message Jewelry - Any Message - Any Color

Message Bracelets x 20 designs

Psalm Bracelets Bracelets
Psalm 24 Bracelet with a Fancy Cross Charm

Psalm Bracelets x 6 designs

Prayer Bracelets
Rosary Bracelets
Salvation Bracelets
Urn Bracelets

WWJD Bracelets
WWJD Sterling Silver What Would Jesus Do Bracelet Designs

WWJD Bracelets x 11 designs

10 Commandments Bracelets

New Baptism Bracelet Design...

Pearl and Sterling Silver Monogram and Cross Bracelet - CB-BB-Baptism2

Baptism Bracelet x 2

Godmother Bracelets, Prayer Box Bracelets, Faith Bracelets and Christian Bracelets - Prayer Box Charms, Salvation Bracelets, Spiritual Bracelets, Covenant Bracelets, Prayer Box Bracelets, Faith Bracelets, 10 Commandments Bracelet and Christian Bracelets is your online resource for a beautiful selection of Christian jewelry; bracelets, necklaces and earrings. We have a big selection but are creating new designs all the time so check back often. Here are a few of my newest bracelet and necklace orders below.

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"I love love love my mother's bracelet! Thank you again for your patience in helping me create it! I have a friend that will be contacting you to create one for herself as well. Have a great weekend!"
Thank you, P.P.
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